Wallyboo experience · Jimena

Wallyboo experience · Jimena

Jimena bought a second hand stroller for her baby girl

Jimena · Wallyboo Experiences 29/05/2017

Another happy mom using Wallyboo! We love hearing your experience and sharing it with other parents ... and we thank you sending a little gift. Do you want to know how to get yours? We explain it at the end of this post. :)

Here is Jimena´s story:

Imagine what a disaster when suddently one night your baby girl´s stroller breaks down ... what are you going to do? How do you take her out? ... walking, in the baby carrier, you just don´t take her out for a walk? , None of these answers are good.

I had to find a solution as quick as possible, but buying second hand things on the internet is no an easy task, there are many things you can find, but the purchase is not always as you expect.

Then I remembered that my Cristina told me a few months ago about a company from a friend to exchange baby products online and I decided to start my search. What was it called? Oh yeah, Wallyboo.

And this is how Elisa appears in my life - charming, diligent -, like a fairy godmother, and she begins to look for strollers that could suit me. I got in touch with the mom who sold me the stroller (who was also fantastic and made me save the shipping costs) and guided me in the steps to follow so that the purchase was easy.

It was very easy and comfortable to buy what I needed, I will definitely use Wallyboo again if I need something for my girls, I recommend it!

Comprar de segunda mano una silla de paseo

Do you want to get your gift, like Jimena? In this other post we explain how to do it. We will love to hear your story!


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