Wallyboo starts a pilot agreement with the Rigoletto Catalonia hotel in Barcelona!

Wallyboo starts a pilot agreement with the Rigoletto Catalonia hotel in Barcelona!

Advantages for all!

Elisa Chamorro · News 09/01/2018

Thanks to the intermediation of the Ship2B Foundation (Wallyboo is currently immersed in its acceleration program), an agreement has been reached that culminated with the launch, past November, of a pilot project with the Catalonia Hotels & Resorts chain in one of its hotels in Barcelona (Rigoletto Catalonia), whose objective is to act as prescribers and distributors of Wallyboo. In this way, customers traveling as a family can rent everything their children need through the platform.

  • Economical, since it offers the possibility of renting babygear in a more economical way.
  • Variety, since you will have the possibility to choose between several options: brand, type, size ... Sometimes, parents don´t want just any stroller, but a specyfic brand, such as bugaboo bee because we know that it is the one that best adapts to their son, or we do not want a car seat, we want one that offers greater security.
  • It helps them feel "at home", with all the objects that we use but that we can not take with us when we travel on vacation or weekend.




  • Regarding the service: The hotel can provide an additional and complete service to customers traveling as a family allowing renting more economically, not only the usual (car seats, strollers or cribs) but also everything necessary for your COMFORT (bikes, beach toys, bottle warmers, baby backpacks, bike seats ...). This can mean BETTER CUSTOMER VALUATIONS, GREATER DEGREE OF SATISFACTION.
  • Regarding Corporate Social Responsibility: allows THE REDUCTION OF THE HOTEL'S ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT. It is an initiative that encourages the reuse of these articles, and therefore participates in a reduction of this item´s production. It promotes the development of a circular economy, one of the main objectives of environmental policies in all areas (regional, national and EU).
  • Regarding the integration with the neighborhood: Improves the relationship with the COMMUNITY OF THE ENVIRONMENT OF THE HOTEL, allowing to obtain economic benefits derived from the activity of the hotel to the families that live around, renting their articles to the hotel guests. This facilitates the connection of the neighborhood with the tourist activity through a formula in which both parties win.

It can have advantages also for the employee of the hotel or surrounding neighbors, because from Wallyboo, what we intend is that they act as suppliers of these items, allowing for extra income by renting hotel guests the items their children they no longer use. It is also a way to turn them into beneficiaries of the hotel's tourism activity.

So, we are very happy and we want this to be the first of many and Wallyboo can be present in all those hotels that you stay in !!

And if you are interested in starting up this service in your hotel, here we leave you more information!




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