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Wallyboo experience · Beatriz

A Babyhome Emotion stroller for her little girl.

Beatriz · Experiencias Wallyboo

And we keep sending little gifts between our wallyboo users! This time we bring you Beatriz´s experience:  I am so happy with my  acquisition in Wallyboo, a BabyHome Stroller ... I was not sure if I wanted to buy one as my little girl is 3 years old already and she won´t use it much longer, and it was not worth to spend a lot of money on a new one. .. Then I found out about Wallyboo!!! where they helped me to find what I needed! It... Read more

Wallyboo experience · Leticia

A second hand car seat for my baby

Leticia · Experiencias Wallyboo

... And here we leave another "Wallyboo Story" ... Leticia, a mom of two babies who needed to "equip" the grandparents car. Remember that you can also get a gift for telling your experience using wallyboo. Do you want your gift? We tell you how at the end of this post.  We leave you now with Leticia´s experience ... "We needed a car seat so my parents could take my little one in their car ... and we did not want to spend much, since it was not to be... Read more

Wallyboo experience · Jimena

Jimena bought a second hand stroller for her baby girl

Jimena · Experiencias Wallyboo

Another happy mom using Wallyboo! We love hearing your experience and sharing it with other parents ... and we thank you sending a little gift. Do you want to know how to get yours? We explain it at the end of this post. :) Here is Jimena´s story: Imagine what a disaster when suddently one night your baby girl´s stroller breaks down ... what are you going to do? How do you take her out? ... walking, in the baby carrier, you just do... Read more

Wallyboo experience · Raquel

Raquel rented her baby´s seat car to other family in Madrid

Raquel M. · Experiencias Wallyboo

We continue to send gifts to tell you about your experiences. Here we leave the story that tells us Rachel. I rented my baby´s car seat group 1 to Alex, a lovely girl, and we connected very well. At first I was somewhat reluctant to rent the chair since I wanted to sell it, but the closeness with which I was treated from wallyboo and Alex´s confidence when I talked to her on the phone, made me finally decide to rent it. It was so easy with Alex, at th... Read more

Wallyboo experience · Arantxa

A little girl from leon enjoying my children´s bike seat.

Arantxa · Experiencias Wallyboo

We love your stories about Wallyboo! This time, we would like to thank Arantxa for sharing her experience with us. She has her gift already. Do you want to share your experience? We also have a gift for your little one. Leart how to get it at the end of this post ... We leave you with the Arantxa´s Story! "... I had many things at home that I found very hard to get rid of because they were in very good condition and I´m very fond on them: travel cots, bicy... Read more

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